Brand Strategy.

SaaS Sales Talent Brand Strategy Meeting

Chisel Design approaches branding with the belief that in today’s digitally-driven world, brands must recognize their customers as real people, not just passive consumers of media. We extend the traditional brand framework of mission, vision and beliefs to include a brand’s capability and the value they bring to peoples lives.

Our branding capabilities include developing brand identities that comprises naming, logo design, voice definition, brand guides, and branded collateral. When we put it all together, it produces a powerful cohesive brand presence. We think about brands as unified ecosystems helping business easily interact with customers and audiences.

Logo & Identity.

Schell Cabinetry Logo & Visual Identity Design

It’s how your brand looks, feels, and sounds — it should work to excite people and stir their souls.

The logo and brand identity are critical identifiers for people because it’s often times the first thing someone encounters. Its used to attract interest in your products or services, and help you become more prominent than your competitors.

We intentionally design logo’s and brand identities to be authentic and unique to your specific needs, so that your business can grow. We activate voice, color, imagery, typography, and composition to perform with beauty and in harmony.

Digital Design.

Illustration from the brand design for Cyber Pop-Up Digital Design

We design mockups and build prototypes of apps and products that demonstrate functionality and user interaction. Our goal is to make certain that the user experience is cohesive, highly functional, while meeting business and branding goals. We also happy to partner with in-house marketing and product teams.

Our ability to design for digital also extends to marketing communications, like presentations, social media, sell sheets, email templates, and so many more.

Print Design.

CCNY Find Help Campaign Cover

Print continues to play an integral role as the physical extension of brands. In our growing digital world, the role of print has changed for most businesses, yet it still continues to be something that people enjoy. It creates a physical connection to their world by engaging the senses with sight, sound, and touch to deliver memorable experiences.

User Experience.

Good example of how product design, ux, and medicine can work together to create an amazing app.

We focus on a deep understanding of both your business goals and identifying the simplest way to meet your customers exact needs. It’s during this phase that we’ll solve for information architecture and heirarchy, rudimentary layouts, and initial content designs that encompasses all aspects of someone interacting with your company while simultaneously telling your story.

Website Design & Development.

Beason Homes website design and development

We combine the elements of your brand with UX design to build vibrant, hi-fidelity visual designs of what your website will look like. That means incorporating your brand colors, voice, images, typography, and imagery into a full-color representation of what the website will look like before it gets built. You’ll see how everything fits together and ensures your brand stands out.

Combining your unique design with technology and user interactions, we build websites and digital products exactly as they were designed. Our preferred platforms are WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and several others. If your website has specific requirements, we’re happy to discuss that with you.