Chisel Design's approach starts by working to become a trusted design partner. Our goal is to work with you to design better customer centered experience and consistently work to make your brand strong and enjoyable.

Partners in Design

We believe that successful design outcomes start with understanding your needs, goals, and values, then works collaboratively to solve problems and create meaningful experiences for your users.

It’s true — we’re problem solvers as much as we are designers. We don’t simply make things look pretty, we want to understand the problem your business faces so that we can determine the best way forward. We’re also not shy - our curiosity leads us to challenge assumptions and ask questions about your business. In return, you’ll receive fresh ideas, great direction — and yes, a very “pretty” design.

We’ll also connect with you regularly so that we can discuss problems, give status updates, share ideas, and build friendships.

Chisel Design discussing the effects user centered design has on thrilling users and building deeper brand engagement.

User Centered Design

Simply put, Chisel Design helps companies produce more compelling products for their customers. User centered design is an approach that focuses on being empathetic to people’s needs because it matches design to how people tend to think.

We create clear pathways to help them reach their desired outcomes, whether that’s finding information, completing a task, or making a purchase. Our goal is focused on creating experiences that are intuitive, easy to use, and effective at helping people find what they need.

Chisel Design discussing the effects of a company having a unified brand experience, and the impact it has on them being able to grow and building more loyal customers.

The Unified Brand Experience

We work to present a consistent brand message and visual identity across every touchpoint and channel, giving your customers a seamless experience every time they interact with you.

That means branding elements like logo’s, typography, colors, and messaging are harmonized together across websites, social media, print, presentations, and all other customer-facing materials to form a singular brand experience. This helps you to establish trust and credibility with your target audience and leads to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

Our uncomplicated design process.

We approach each project with a proven and flexible design and build formula that boils down to measure twice, cut once.

Our mindset is to think before acting, making sure everyone is on the same page through open communication and active collaboration. Each project is unique with its own requirements, timelines, and may require differing levels of execution at each stage.

Chisel Design Process Discover
Discover — research and gather information to gain a clear understanding of the problem they are trying to solve and the target audience they are designing for.
Chisel Design Process Create
Create & Iterate — generate ideas and concepts, and then refine and iterate on them through user testing and feedback.
Develop — create detailed designs, prototypes, and/or developers take the designs and build them into websites ready for implementation.
Chisel Design Process Implement
Implement — the designs are executed and launched into the market
Chisel Design Process Measure and Evolve
Measure & Evolve — analyze feedback and data to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and make necessary adjustments to improve the user experience.