About us.

Chisel Design is a full-service design studio located in Columbus, Ohio. We partner with courageous brands that believe strategic thinking and creativity can be a powerful combination to positively impact their business. Those brands represent real people, and we tell their stories with character, soul, and swagger.

Chisel Design was born in 2017 with an optimistic vision to build a creative design agency that delivers unique handcrafted design without all the bullsh*t. For you, that means not over-complicating things. No nickel-and-diming. No off-the-shelf generic solutions. No passing the buck. Just great design.

To that end, we created a place where people think equally about strategy and creativity. One that cultivates positivity and big picture thinking. A no-holds-barred passion for handcrafting the beautiful. An excited attitude to deliver wonderful design yet remain humble in our achievements. A place where people are genuine and enjoy those around us.

Our tenacity and spirit lays it on the line to be creators of inspiring and impactful design work. We’re independent thinkers. We ask questions. We present alternative ideas and solutions. We consider the “Why” as much as we determine the “How.” We see subtle nuances that can become prime opportunities. We’re initiators and finishers. That’s why companies trust us — to deliver the goods and exceed expectations.

Mark Shorter founded Chisel Design with a wide variety of experiences spanning Fine Art and Art History. Human Factors and User Experience. Cognitive science and color theory. Graphic design and typography. A digital-first mentality with a deep affinity for print. Together, that experience forms the foundation for everything we offer.

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn and see all of his branding and design work on Behance.