About us.

We believe in the power of good design. To us, that means equal emphasis on strategy, usefulness, and intentionally crafted aesthetics.

Strategic thinking, thoughtful planning, exercising our creative imaginations, and refined craftsmanship drives everything we design.

We’re not your traditional design studio.

Chisel Design is an innovative branding, visual design, and interactive design studio that serves to create measurable value for companies and organizations since 2017. Our name is based on our founders favorite woodworking hand tool.

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We offer branding strategy, logo and identity design, visual communications, and website and product design (UX / UI / IxD). We create fantastic design work with clients locally in Columbus, OH, throughout the U.S.A., and beyond.

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Our people are strategic and creative thinkers; we consider the “Why” as much as we determine the “How.” We also like to partner with our clients to help better identify gaps and help develop innovative solutions.

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Our studio has both a local and a remote work culture using a variety of communication and collaboration tools that ensure our clients projects stay on-target and on-time. We’re also highly entrepreneurial – thinking more like owners.

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How we think and work.

We’re agile and nimble.

Always look to refine and simplify.

Think first. Design second.

Our entire studio is the “A-Team.”

We care about client outcomes.

We’re extremely collaborative.



  • Website Design
  • User Experience (UX, UI, IxD)
  • Iconography
  • Mobile App Design
  • Web Development
  • App Prototyping


  • Logo + Identity Design
  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Brand Refresh Audits
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Brand Guideline Design
  • Creative + Art Direction


  • Package + Label Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Trade Show + Event Design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Posters + Mood Boards
  • Magazines, Booklets + Brochures

Companies choose to work with us because we’re focused, strategic, and help reveal measurable business value.

Our process.


Discover + Plan


Design + Iterate


Launch + Measure


Discover + Plan


Design + Iterate


Launch + Measure

We always begin every project by creating a lot of drawings, involving whiteboards for the broad end of the spectrum and moving to putting pencil to paper. We learned early on the value sketching plays in the initial stages of design, making it surprisingly effective for both project time and producing quality outcomes.

Here at Chisel Design, we work on a lot of different types of projects that includes branding and identity, websites, print projects, trade show graphics, mobile prototypes, and even packaging. Regardless of the project, they all have commonality, like discovering nuances to the project, gathering requirements, and determining what the scope is, planning out the execution and timelines, doing the actual design work, presenting concepts for approval, producing the work, to finally launching your project.

We also want our clients to stay appraised on the project, so we have regular design meetings. It enables project owners and stakeholders to see the progress, to review the work, and gives them an active voice for providing feedback.

Chisel Design is driven by a spirit of innovation, to find gaps and discover new opportunities for our clients.

We believe that great design should work hard to solve real business problems and to help brands stay relevant. We help discover creative solutions to complicated problems, and create products and services people love using.

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Mark Shorter

Founder + Creative Director

Mark is a design veteran, creating print and digital experiences for a wide variety of brands. He brings an active imagination, creativity, strategy, vision and leadership to every project. He also loves really strong coffee. #justsaying

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