Beason Homes Website Design

Services: brand refresh, information architecture, ux, website development

Beason Homes is a premiere custom home builder in Lake Norman, North Carolina. In business for over 15 years, they  provide superior architectural design, detail, and refined craftsmanship in order to create awe-inspiring family living spaces.

When we first spoke with Beason, the first thing they mentioned was that they have a number of amazing projects they’ve built, but they didn’t have a way to showcase them. Their existing website project was intended to solve that problem, but instead had become overly convoluted with messaging and imagery, and was severely missing the mark, effectively causing their brand to dwindle and erode in an extremely competitive market—something they couldn’t allow to happen.

The immediate challenge we faced was brand-building, a problem we solved by conducting a couple of interviews, then simply telling their story. That enabled us to communicate their experience, passion, and professionalism while also detailing the value customers actually receive. 

User Experience Wireframe Designs

The second challenge we faced was to create an intuitive information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) that would help potential customers: 1) understand who Beason Homes is and what they offer, 2) get a glimpse of the quality they provide, and 3) make the decision to purchase a house custom built to meet their needs.

Beason Homes Floor Plans

Visual Designs and Website Development

The final challenge we encountered was the need to showcase their architectural design and details integrated in to every home through imagery, color and texture was an extremely high priority. We solved that problem by organizing the projects and calling out details using their own imagery.

Beason Homes Flower Vase

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