Catholic Charities of New York.

Designing a print and web strategy to show compassion and hope.

How our visual design and strategy helped this faith-based charity reach a broad community.

Catholic Charities of New York CCNY Logo - Chisel Design

The Find Help app offers users access to Catholic Charities’ vast network, including contact information and maps for all resources. If there is not an appropriate Catholic Charities program or site available, the app will direct users to other resources that can help address their needs. Highlighting four key service areas, Catholic Charities’ app helps users find food and housing, locate substance abuse and recovery centers, and request assistance with immigration issues.

The Challenge

We needed to communicate our visual design strategies to the CCNY website team to help them be able construct some of the landing pages themselves. We also had to determine a print design strategy and develop specs with the need to be financially conservative. One aspect of the poster production was that each design needed to accommodate several different sizes.

Our Services: branding, identity, marketing, print, ux/ui/ia/ixd

Kicking off the campaign, we set out to articulate and establish a visual direction to the campaign based upon CCNY’s own vision for their organization and their mission statement to carry out that vision, something they never had for the branding. After establishing the visual direction to build consistency across a multi-channel campaign, we made sure that it would echo their own sentiments about the people and the communities around them. Our overarching focus was firmly on communicating solutions and illustrating hope to people in need.

Print Specs: full-color digital, 11″ x8.5″, Neenah 100 lb. cover / 100 lb. text, saddle stitched


The print-portion of the campaign specifically targeted family, friends and social workers that they could easily Find Help for anyone in need. We placed posters and banner stands in prominent locations that served to catch attention and raise awareness to the needs present in NYC.

We used elements created in the app to communicate through several digital channels that included social media posts and cards, a responsive website app landing page, an interstitial app page.

The effects that our visual design and strategy had on their mission.

In a partnership with Dark City Digital, we worked with Catholic Charities of New York City (CCNY) to design a campaign around their new Find Help app. 

The campaign was designed to communicate compassion and hope for the many people and communities of New York City. For this project, we created banner stands and posters, created numerous social media posts and cards, and designed a responsive landing page and app interstitial pages that appeared on their website.

In the end, our digital and print design work served to build a variety of meaningful community interactions and truly helped real people in real need. 


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