TeamBuilder Search.

Refreshing a trusted digital-first marketing recruiting agency.

About the Client

TeamBuilder Search has been a trusted digital-first marketing leadership recruiting agency in Columbus, Ohio since 2008. Their focus is primarily on working with agencies, emerging and high-growth brands, legacy brands, and mid-size businesses to Fortune 10 Companies. They exist to help their clients outperform the competition through better, faster talent acquisition while helping candidates elevate their careers in a variety of digital marketing focused fields.

The Challenge

The client came to us facing problems they were struggling to solve and needed our help identifying what direction to take and how to get there. They had been working on a new website, but felt it was sorely lacking visual interest, and didn’t know how to communicate what they were looking to achieve.

Our Services: brand refresh, graphic design, identity, ux/ui, website design, website development

Brand, Identity, and Visual Design Strategy

TeamBuilder Search had an existing logo that already carried a tremendous recognition with their audience and customers, so redesigning it was a no-go. However, when we presented them with the option to update the logo’s color palette as part of the overall project, it was welcomed with open arms.

We went to work on a number of branding and design strategies to 1) thoroughly enliven their brand , and 2)  communicate the value they bring to their customers.

One aspect to their brand that we wanted to get across is how they do business, and how they’re personally invested with people.

We took what had already been completed and started rearranging the content so that it told a better brand story in simple wireframe UX designs. Later we applied imagery, color and typography to the visual designs. Once the designs were approved, we developed then into a responsive mobile-first website.

What we did.

  • Identify and accentuate brand values to make deeper audience connections.
  • Update the logo and color palette so that it is modern and better identifies them.
  • Identify areas to clearly communicate business offerings and process.
  • Practically demonstrate authenticity and thought leadership.
  • Design a visual and interactive website that significantly reinforced the experience they wanted their audience to experience.
TeamBuilder Search Brand Refresh Poster
TeamBuilder User Experience Wireframe Designs

The effects that our branding and user-centered design strategies had on their business.

The overarching results of the updated brand and visual design has taken them to an entirely new level of authenticity and audience engagement.

The updated color palette better communicates their digital expertise and clearly identifies their company with noticeable vibrance and a desire to have a conversation with people.

Overall, the new design and communication strategy has increased audience engagement and revitalized how their clients perceive them, helping them better differentiate as an authoritative source for digital marketing talent.