We’re a full-service design agency, creating unified brand experiences start to finish.

Branding, Logo and Visual Identity Design

Chisel Design approaches branding with the belief that in today’s digitally-driven world, brands must recognize their customers as users, not just passive consumers of media. We extend the traditional brand framework of mission, vision and beliefs to include a brand’s capability: what the brand enables users to achieve and the problems your brand solves.

Our branding capabilities include developing brand identities that comprises naming, logo design, voice definition, brand guidelines (print and digital), and branded collateral. When put together, these individual parts produce a powerfully cohesive brand presence, with the consistency of design standards and speed to market. We think about a brand as an ecosystem that a business uses to effortlessly interact with their audiences.


User Experience & Website Design (IA / UX / UI / CX)

Chisel Design was founded on the idea that great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. We focus on information architecture and user experience to lead brands in breakthroughs by delivering measurable value to both customers and to businesses.

We apply modern approaches that leverage brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and an iterative development process aimed at bridging the gap between the digital experiences of users and their physical ones. Our user experience strategy and product development put the context, expectations, and decision-making processes of customers at the center of every solution.


Print Design

Print continues to play an integral role as the physical extension of brands. In our growing digital world, the role of print has changed for most businesses; however, it continues to be something that people enjoy physically experiencing. It creates a connection to the physical world and engages the senses with sight, sound, touch, and even smell to deliver your brands message.

Our approach with print design extends beyond page design to account for both message and audience, taking into account format, dimensions, and paper stocks to ultimately produce work that customers thoroughly enjoy. To us, print is a medium that leaves an enduring impression on people, helping them to embrace your message and endear your brand.


Marketing Communications & Collateral

Developing marketing communications and collateral has a lot of significance for companies and another tool in building brand awareness, engage your audience, and further differentiate your company and its values. We ca strategically align efforts and message to help you win new business.

We can help your communication efforts by designing brand guides to connect with investors and employees, PowerPoint presentations to win new business and attract top talent, as well designing a variety of print and digital tools to communicate with your audience.

Product and Mobile App Design

Chisel Designs concept, design, and create mid-to-hi-fidelity mobile and desktop applications. We identify and address potential gaps within concepts to ensure the visual quality, user interaction, and the overall user experience is coherent, highly functional, and meet business goals. Additionally, we can partner with you in order to discover untapped potential within your existing product line or future roadmaps.

When you use an app or product Chisel Design has created, you get the sense that every aspect has been thoroughly designed to the last detail. Our non-stop dedication seeks to refine function so that extraneous aspects have been removed, allowing users to remain focused and accomplish their tasks with ease and joy.


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