FinishLine Building.

Designing and building a new website to showcase the beauty this home design + build team offers.

About the Client

Finishline Building is a design-build company that enjoys working with people to create their dream living space. The foundational goal determining success on this project was to create an easy to use and engaging experience, one that effectively meets users how they’re interacting with the website on mobile.

The Challenge

Finish Line Building needed an up-to-date website presence they could use to help drive sales and to showcase architectural design and craftsmanship capabilities. As we worked to better understand their audience, we quickly realized how the website was going to be used, which made mobile a top priority for success.

Other important drivers for this project included making the platform easy to manage, visually engaging, and intuitive to use.

Our Services: brand refresh, digital, graphic design, ux, Web Development

“Our website needed updating and was no longer in line with the progression of technology.  Chisel Design helped us drastically improve the look and layout of our website, made it easier to maintain, and shaped our website to be accessible across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The improved site is much more user friendly and promotes the attention to detail and professionalism our company strives to achieve.”

—Dan S. Custer, Finishline Building

Images to Galleries.

We sorted through, grouped, renamed, and processed thousands of images in order to present numerous high-quality project galleries. By doing this, we helped Finish Line Building enable users to better filter by a project type, then find a similar project that might meet their specific interests.


How our user experience and website design helped their business.

We crafted a variety of designs and worked collaboratively with the team at Finishline Building to craft an experience that enabled their customers to better understand what it’s like to work with them and the type of experience their project might have.

The work we did also helped the Finishline team to work more efficiently because the website did a significantly better job at pre-qualifying prospective buyers.

Altogether, we helped Finishline showcase their architectural experience and craftsmanship in a fresh way.