We create impact by developing unified brand experiences that disrupts the norm and delights your customers.

The Unified Brand Experience

Chisel Design collaborates closely with our clients to provide a refined design experience that helps solve difficult problems and help them discover what their customers truly need. We work to deliver a “one experience” brand message, an alluring visual identity, and an engaging experience for all of a company’s products, services, and campaigns by placing the customer (user) at the focal-point of our work and engage them at every touchpoint.

Unified brand messaging and visual identity aligns all branding and marketing strategies within the organization to produce positive experiences for your customers, effectively building seamless consistency across channels, through design, voice, and communication.


User Centered Design

Chisel Design is process driven with the mindset that a hands-on, user-centered design approach to problem solving, which helps guide us with innovation and create a competitive advantage for your business. It’s another way we help companies continue to be relevant with their customers.

We start by understanding the true needs of your users and how our solution is going to apply to their world. A key aspect of the process is to focus on the problem at hand before we begin to consider the broad range of possible solutions because it helps us discover precisely what users need. The benefits of design thinking produces collaboration, builds trust, and creates tangible design artifacts, some of which we might consider later.

Partners in Design

Chisel Design partners with you in design so that we can help discover additional opportunities, discover gaps in product and service offerings, and work together to offer more unified product offerings.

We believe that successful design outcomes require intentional beginnings, consistent work throughout, and rigorous maintenance following delivery. All of which are character qualities we’re happy to exhibit.

We’re intentional and work to better discern the needs or your organization, help you frame the problems, understand your consumers, and serve to identify ways forward.

Think of us as an equal partnership.


The Design Process: What You Can Expect

Chisel Design Process Discover

01. Discover

Chisel Design Process Create

02. Create & Iterate

Chisel Design Process Develop

03. Develop

Chisel Design Process Implement

04. Implement

Chisel Design Process Measure and Evolve

05. Measure & Evolve

Chisel Design approaches each project with a proven and flexible design/build formula: Discover, Create & Iterate, Develop, Implement, and Measure & Evolve. Each project is unique and may require differing levels of execution at each stage. Our goal is to think before acting and work to ensure open communication and active collaboration at every stage.


The Plan Design Build process could be further characterized as 1) empathize with users and understand their needs, 2) define the problem, 3) ideate possible solutions to the problem, 4) create prototypes or designs, 5) test the designs so that people can respond to them, 6) make necessary iterations, 7) implement or launch into the real world, and finally, 8) measure the results against your initial business goals or pre-established metrics.

Measuring the results of our work is just as meaningful to your business as it is to our agency. It’s simply another way we help companies succeed and find value to their investment in design.

We think design should consider the entirety of an experience, and work hard to become a complete solution.

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