Do you partner with Marketing, Design, and Technology teams?

We happily partner with marketing, design, and tech teams who are looking to add measurable value to meet their customers needs at affordable rates. Please email us info about your business and overall needs. We’ll respond within 1–2 business days to arrange an introductory phone call and begin discussing a game plan for how we might work together.

We have a new project or business and want to bring your team on board. So, now what?

Please email us information about your business and overall needs. We’ll respond within 1–2 business days to set up an introductory phone call, and begin talking about working together and discussing your project. Then, we’ll see if we’re good fit for your needs and walk you through our design process for your type of project.

What’s your design process really like?

We usually begin projects with a brief kick-off meeting, then starting to work out ideas on a whiteboard, from there we quickly move to putting pencil to paper. We learned early on, that this initial stage of design is extremely effective for both project time and for producing better outcomes.

Here at Chisel Design, we work on a lot of different types of projects that includes branding and identity, websites, print projects, marketing campaigns, mobile app prototypes, and even building icon libraries and design systems. Regardless of the project, they all have commonality, like discovering nuances to the project, understanding your audience, gathering requirements, determining scope, planning execution and timelines, doing the actual design work, presenting concepts for approval, producing the work, to finally launching your project and measuring its success.

Our desire is for our clients to stay informed and be successful with the work we create, so we have regular design meetings where everyone can review the work and provide feedback.

See how our design process works into our approach.

What are your rates?

We wish we had a price list we could send our clients and potential clients, but every project we take on is custom designed and incredibly different from one another. Each project quote we write is equally as diverse as the work we develop. We quote all work on a project-by-project basis. However, if you require ongoing, hourly work, we’re happy to quote that as well.

What do you guys do for fun?

We all have a vast array of hobbies, like mountain biking, hand-lettering, thrifting, weightlifting, cross country running, carpentry, binge-watching “Brooklyn 99,” and hard-wood smoked grilling. We also go through a tremendous amount of coffee and enjoy craft beers.

We need to hire a marketing agency, too… Do you have any recommendations?

We highly recommend Dark City Digital for all of your marketing needs. They’re fantastically adept with business consulting, content strategy, and a variety of marketing communications. Collectively, they have delivered high-impact and revenue-generating digital projects for brands like Prudential Financial, Catholic Charities of New York, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, BlackRock and many others.

Are you hiring? What about internships?

Currently we are not hiring or offering internships, but we’re always looking for talented people. Feel free to email us your résumé and contact info to keep on file. When things change, we’ll happily let you know.

What’s Columbus like?

Columbus is a marvelous city. The population density and cost of living is low, it’s extremely diverse filled with people from around the world, often times coming here for universities and numerous larger companies. It’s a city with a rich history and a plethora of neighborhoods, each with their own unique vibe. The arts and gallery scene is really cool, we have fantastic restaurants everywhere, and plenty of wonderful craft brewers.

There are a myriad of other reasons too, but mainly it’s a place we call home, and we love it here. 

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