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We design brands, logo’s, visual identities, websites, and user experiences that help your company grow and stay relevant.

Our Story

Chisel Design was founded in 2017 by Mark Shorter, a graphic designer and user experience designer with 25-years of experience. The company was born out of frustration after working with a number of design agencies that frequently over promised and under delivered on quality design, and doing it with a high price tag.

Mark believed that customers deserved better, and wanted their experience with a design agency to show how great things can be accomplished with good design and a team of good people. This became our founding principle, to consistently lead with providing high quality design services to small and medium sized businesses at a fair price.

The company’s first major project came in 2018 from a medical startup leveraging blockchain technology. The was based on securing customer data and provide patient-released information to help doctors and researchers solve medical problems. That project utilized many facets of design, like branding, user experience, website design, graphic design, presentations, and product design, which we crafted into a unified brand experience.

Since then, we have worked with many small to medium sized companies solving a myriad of branding, design, user experience, and marketing challenges that help them make a measurable impact in their business space.

We aim to provide tremendous value to our client in three ways. First, our perspective considers the entirety of your brand as much as we think of individual parts of it. Second, always having the mindset to understand things from your customers perspective. And third, we see our clients as long-term, valuable partners, working to better understand your business, so that we can help you get where you’re headed.

We believe that great design should work hard to solve real business problems, help your company stay relevant, and look great doing it. At the end of the day, we help you solve complicated design challenges, discover creative solutions to help people understand who you are, and create products and services that people love to use.

Companies choose Chisel Design because we’re personable, we consistently work to make their brand look distinctive, and we deliver by communicating tremendous value to their customers.

Transformational, not transactional.

We think about each piece fits into the entirety of your brand, providing you with better strategic and creative results.

Chisel Design is a branding, logo and visual identity, visual design, and digital design agency that serves to create measurable business value for companies and organizations. Our mission is for you and your customers to be thrilled with your brand.

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We offer branding strategy, logo and visual identity design, visual communications, and website and product design (UX / UI / IxD). We create fantastic design work with clients locally in Columbus, OH, throughout the U.S.A., and beyond.

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Our people are strategic and creative thinkers; we consider the “Why” as much as we determine the “How.” We also like to partner with our clients to help better identify gaps and help develop innovative solutions.

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Our studio has a local Columbus, Ohio and a remote work culture. We use a variety of tools to helps us communicate and collaborate with our clients so that projects stay on-target, on-time, and on-budget.

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Strategic thinking, thoughtful planning, and deep creative roots helps us provide meaningful results.

Our clients trust us with a variety of projects that include branding, logo’s and visual identity, website design and development, print projects, marketing campaigns, mobile app prototypes, and even building icon libraries and design systems.

What we do.

Chisel Design is a strategy-focused creative design agency located in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in helping brands differentiate by crafting powerful brand stories, visual identities and logo designs, user experiences, website designs, marketing communications, and print design.

Our passion is designing beautiful visual communications that meets business goals, exceeds expectations, and builds lasting relationships along the way.

Design capabilities.


Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Brand Refresh


Brand Guides
Marketing Communications
Trade Show
Environmental Graphics


Website Design
User Experience (IA, UX, UI, IxD)
Website Development
Mobile App Design
App Prototyping

Our process.


Discover + Plan


Design + Iterate


Launch + Measure


Discover + Plan


Design + Iterate


Launch + Measure

We design experiences people love.



Mark Shorter

Principal / Design Director

Mark is a design veteran, creating print and digital experiences for a wide variety of brands. He brings an active imagination, creativity, strategy, vision and leadership to every project.

He also loves really strong coffee. #justsaying

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